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Virtual Student Poster Session

General note: The link to the respective poster is hidden in the poster title!

Poster 1: "The banana incident

Andrea has just finished her Bachelor degree and is highly interested in ecological and environmental biology.
Andrea has already participated in the symposia series "Sustainable Food Production" and particiipated this
summer term in a Poster design course, where she has won the first prize in a poster competition.

Poster 2: "Genetic Diversity and Sustainability of Agriculture"
Sarina successfully completed her Bachelor's degree in Biology in summer 2019 and subsequently started her
Master's degree in Human Biology in winter 2019. Sarina is not only interested in the complex molecular events
occuring in humans, but also shows great interest in the topic of the "Sustainable Development Goals" and green initiatives.
For example, Sarina promotes sustainablity in the laboratory and shared her knowledge about sustainability in the Poster
design course that took place this summer term.

Poster 3: "Genetic diversity and infection control"

TengTeng is a student from the Elite Master's Human Biology (LMU), she is interested in human health and disease.
How is her field connected to sustainability? Well, they are connected in many ways, sustainable agriculture can
improve our life, the environment around usand impacts human health. 

Student poster about important plant diseases:

Special Poster:

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